April 5, 2023

"This place is not a Burden, it is a blessing. My counselor Roger Ackerman has helped me in a huge way, the curriculum here was very helpful, and over all the place just felt like a safe environment. Good people can actually get even better. I learned to deal with anger, resentment, communication skills and how to harbor positive relationships. I even learned to recognize many forms of abuse and useful tools to change my belief systems for a better future - now days when bad things happen to me. They are not as bad as they were before I went through treatment. My life has improved in so many ways! - I am now prepared and excited for a new start on life"
March 15, 2023

"Give this place a chance if ur looking for a good treatment center. 100"
March 4, 2023

"I highly recommend this place for any evaluation. They are really patient with you and flexible also understanding they will work with you if you work with them, overall it's a great place I'm glad i came with them."
March 3, 2023

March 2, 2023