Domestic Violence Counseling in Yakima, WA

Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC is committed to helping perpetrators of domestic violence. Our domestic violence treatment programs are open to Yakima County, Benton County, Franklin County, and Grant County, WA residents who have been involved in the abuse of a spouse, partner or family member. We have therapists and professionals trained to administer domestic violence perpetrator counseling and we can refer domestic violence victims to qualified and trusted professionals, outside of our offices.

Physical and Mental Abuse Counseling

Events involving physical abuse leaves lasting scars, both seen and unseen. Our trained counselors will help you address the damages domestic violence can cause, so you can begin to overcome them. We provide support and help you unpack the baggage that accompanies these events. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to begin healing the damage done and replacing old reactive behavior with healthy coping skills. Our domestic violence perpetrator counseling programs are available to men, women and adolescents from all walks of life and all backgrounds. 
Domestic Violence Counseling

Bereavement Counseling

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the violence of a partner or family member, it’s important to process your grief. The death of someone you care about at the hands of someone you trusted is tremendously scarring. We guide you through the grief process, so you can unburden yourself of the trauma and begin to recover. Our bereavement counseling extends to all people, including parents suffering the loss of a child or children orphaned by domestic violence. 

Discover Your Ability to Heal

Domestic violence is a trauma that cuts deep and lingers. For residents of Yakima, WA who are survivors of domestic violence, Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC is here for you. Reach us at 509-452-1000 to learn more about our domestic violence treatment programs, group therapy sessions, and substance abuse counseling.

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