February 7, 2020

"Great program! I learned alot about myself and grew into the person i always wanted to be. Sober and enjoying life once again. Thank u Sandra for helping me to meet my goals!"
December 19, 2019

"Sandra made the difference for me to chose Apple valley her experience and energy makes what can be very negative and time consuming she has made the difference and cannot say enough good things about her...if she was to leave Apple valley i would fallow"
December 17, 2019

"The staff treated me with respect. I was able to obtain the information that I needed. Very helpful and freindly."
December 15, 2019

"Bill was excellent with the whole process and I definitely learned a lot in the class. Thanks bill very knowledgeable man and reccomended an awesome book!"
December 3, 2019

"Bill offers very professional services if you find your in need of a SAP for DOT return to work or other counseling services i highly recommend Apple Valley Counseling."