Family Counseling in Yakima, WA

Relationships are a vital part of life. We meet people, care for them, fall in love with them and choose to spend the future together. But not every day will be a honeymoon. Every couple goes through rough patches and hard times, and it can take a toll on the relationship if you’re unable to communicate with your partner about your feelings.

If you have trouble communicating your needs, wants and expectations with your partner or feel like you’re not on the same page, Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC wants to help. We’ve provided family counseling services that include marriage and general relationship counseling for couples across Yakima, Yakima County, Benton County, Franklin County, and Grant County, WA. We strive to provide you with a safe space to discuss the important elements of your relationship, where you can speak your truths and hear your partner clearly.

Family Counseling

Relationships Require Communication

Communication is the most important fundamental in any relationship—from everyday interactions, to intimate time together, to problem-solving between couples. If your communication isn’t strong or on the same page, it’ll create problems. Couples counseling is meant to not only help you overcome problems caused by a lack of communication, but to open those lines of communication to avoid future ones.

We help couples get their thoughts, concerns, expectations and frustrations off their chest in a space where you can talk about them. Through this unburdening, you’ll have the opportunity to feel heard and to hear your partner, and to find common ground in areas causing disagreement, frustration or resentment. We strive to help you heal together, so you can go back to living in harmony, with respect for each other.

Our experience extends to couples from all walks of life, and we bring empathy and understanding to every session with our Yakima, WA couples. There are no sides in our family counseling sessions—only the willingness to help you work through your issues through clear and honest communication.

Family Counseling

Teaching Couples Constructive Communication

Beyond resolving the problems that are currently affecting your home life and relationship, we strive to teach communication basics in our marriage counseling sessions. This means being clear about your expectations, voicing your opinions, hearing your partner’s opinions, and being able to find common ground.

We teach couples how to talk to each other and the respect that comes with listening and being constructive. Our goal through family counseling is to help turn destructive or lacking communication into strong, open, honest dialog that leads to mutual respect. It’s our belief that couples who build each other up and practice empathy are happy couples. We know you don’t always have to agree on things—let us teach you how to work through disagreements constructively.

Open the Lines of Communication

Communication problems can damage even the strongest relationships. If you and your partner have reached the point where it’s hard to express yourself or you don’t feel heard, schedule an appointment with Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC today. We’ll help you both unburden yourself, opening the lines of communication so they lead to understanding, acceptance and intimacy.

For more information about our family counseling services, SAP/DOT assessments, or domestic violence perpetrator counseling, please contact us today at 509-452-1000.

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