DUI Assessments / Deferred DUI Prosecutions in Yakima, WA

Following a night out on the town, you may have made the irresponsible decision to step into the driver’s seat of your vehicle. After spotting your erratic driving, an officer pulled you over, and you are now staring at a potential DUI conviction.
If this is the first time this has happened to you, the entire process may be overwhelming. Notably, the process may also give you the option to avoid potential conviction. Learning more about DUI assessments Yakima WA and deferred DUI prosecutions Yakima WA can help you navigate that situation better.

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What Is a DUI Assessment?

In Washington State, any individual arrested for driving under the influence must complete a DUI assessment. For those who may be unaware, a DUI assessment is a type of evaluation conducted by a specialist that seeks to ascertain an individual’s level of addiction.
DUI Assessments in Yakima, WA
After the assessment, the specialist assigned to you will determine if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. If they believe you have a problem, they will formulate a treatment plan that will help you get better. They can also determine that you have no substance abuse problem and note that your decision to drive under the influence was a byproduct of bad judgment.

We at Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC can perform those DUI assessments. Please get in touch with us if you need an evaluation, and we’ll have your results ready within 24 to 48 hours of first contact.

What Is a Deferred DUI Prosecution?

You understand what you did wrong, and you know that a DUI conviction is likely coming your way. Is there any way for you to avoid that? If you are willing to do what it takes to avoid a DUI conviction, then we can offer you a deferred DUI prosecution. A deferred DUI prosecution is an agreement that you make with Washington State to attend an alcohol/drug abuse treatment program in exchange for not having the DUI conviction on your record. The program we’re talking about it is very strict and intense. It also spans two years so you will have to truly commit to it.

Opting for a deferred DUI prosecution is something you can only do once in a lifetime. On top of that, you cannot stop your participation in the program once it is underway. If you do that, you will likely end up being convicted of driving under the influence. Going through deferred DUI prosecution is not going to be easy, but we will help you through it. Whether you’re seeking DUI assessments Yakima WA or deferred DUI prosecutions Yakima WA, we at Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC can help you out. Contact us today if you need help securing those services and allow us to help you through a particularly difficult time.
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