Substance Abuse Professionals in Pierce County, WA

Substance abuse assessments evaluate the person because they violated by failing a federal drug or alcohol test under 49 CFR Part 40. The function of a SAP is to determine if there is a substance use disorder and if so to what extent. Then, is is determined what education/treatment is needed to assist the employee on returning to their safety-sensitive duties. Contact us for counseling for drug abuse, alcohol addiction, family concerns, SAP and DOT assessments, domestic violence, and more. Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC is here to help.

Substance Abuse Assessments

Substance abuse assessment is typically done to determine whether the individual is addicted or dependent on any substance, and the extent of the addiction if any.

Agencies that Require Evaluation

Substance abuse experts represent the decision point an employer may factor in deciding whether to entrust an employee with a school bus ferrying students, operating a train, the operation of an oil tanker, the pilot’s cockpit in a plane, or with the engineering responsibilities of a subway car. The responsibility of these employees to the public is enormous and must be thoroughly checked!

Typically, any agency that engages in activities or provides services in the department of transport docket will hire the services of SAPs to assess their employees for compliance with DOT alcohol and drug regulations. Employees in these fields owe the public great responsibility for safety and must be professionally assessed for drug abuse.

What is Evaluated?

When addicted individuals join an SAP program, an assessment of their addiction is done by multiple professionals. The assessment process is very straightforward and is usually aimed to collect different information on the type of addiction, the substance abuse disorders associated with the addiction, and co-occurring disorders. The assessment may also help in collecting additional data such as current substance use, health history, treatment history, and patterns of behavior. The process will also evaluate how addiction has affected the individual’s life.

The Function of Substance Abuse Experts

These professionals will follow-up evaluation to assess if the employee has fully complied with the SAP treatment plan
They may also provide various alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs including addiction assessment, rehab programs, relapse prevention programs, and therapy programs. SAP services are client-centered and highly individualized to cater to the unique needs of each patient.

DOT Checks

DOT checks include a comprehensive clinical assessment to determine whether one has violated DOT drug and alcohol guidelines and regulations.

Agents that Require this Evaluation

  • Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration (FMCSA)
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Material Administration (PHMSA)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

What is Evaluated

Your DOT check will include object measurements and conversations during a one-on-one interview with professionals trained in substance abuse. The results from the interview and multiple drug tests reveal the individual’s exposure to drugs and alcohol abuse. Substance abuse professionals will then recommend the most appropriate DOT-approved treatment and education program for any violation of DOT regulations. Recommendations are made in accordance with the data gathered during the DOT check.

Who is Evaluated?

DOT checks are targeted mostly on drivers and other employees operating under the Department of Transport. These employees must abide by all the DOT regulations of drug and alcohol abuse, and DOT assessments are regularly done to make sure that they do not violate these regulations. Any violation of the drug and alcohol regulation passed by DOT shows when one tests positive for drugs without a prescription or any authorization.

What is The Function of SAP?

If one has violated any DOT Drug and Alcohol Regulation, he or she cannot return to the DOT-regulated job position unless they have consulted with an SAP for the following:

  • Undergoing SAP evaluation to assess the substance used and the extent of use. This may require you to submit urine, saliva, or hair samples for drug tests.
  • Completing a course on substance abuse, treatment, and counseling programs prescribed by the SAP and approved by DOT.
  • Undergoing assessment to evaluate compliance with the SAP’s recommendation. This may require you to resubmit urine, saliva, or hair samples for drug tests. You must test negative before resuming your DOT-regulated job position.

Are you in need of qualified substance abuse assessments or programs in Pierce County, WA?

At Apple Valley Counselling Services LLC, we not only offer substance abuse evaluation but also offer our clients addiction treatment programs. If you or your loved one requires addiction treatment, do not hesitate to contact us at (509) 452-1000 or visit our offices at 611 W A St Yakima, WA 98902.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Substance Abuse Experts

These are some of the questions most people ask regarding substance abuse professionals (SAP).

Do you offer counseling services?

Yes. We are a rehabilitation facility offering safe, individualized, and affordable counseling. We specialize in supporting people of all ages battling substance abuse disorders.

Can you provide me with documentation for my job?

Yes. If you have been summoned for an SAP or DOT assessment, we will provide you with documentation after completing our substance abuse and addiction treatment programs.