Substance Abuse Professionals in Pierce County, WA

Substance abuse issues have broad ripples across all aspects of your life- including your ability to drive or maintain employment. If you have had your license suspended or need a professional assessment before resuming work, Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC is ready to help.

We have experienced SAPs certified to provide DOT assessments across Pierce County and give advice and recommendations based on findings. 

Substance Abuse Assessments in Pierce County, WA

A substance abuse assessment in Pierce County, WA, is more than just screening. The purpose of an assessment is to find direct evidence that supports either the presence or absence of a condition that can be diagnosed as an alcohol or drug addiction.

Agencies that require evaluation

Evaluation is required on employees of certain high-risk occupations in agencies such as FAA, FMSCA, PHMSA, FTA, FRA, and USCG. Individuals found to be in violation of the Department of Transportation’s alcohol, and other drug policies are evaluated by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), following intervention and treatment recommendations, and complete a Return-to-Duty Assessment before returning to work. Under Executive Order 12564, all federal employees involved in law enforcement, national security, the protection of life and property, public safety or health, or other such functions requiring a high degree of public trust are subject to mandatory drug testing.

DOT Assessments in Pierce County, WA

Employers under the Department of Transport in Pierce County and other states in the US are required to test all their staff for alcohol abuse. The employer must refer any employee found to have a substance use problem to our professionals for assessment and recommendation on treatment and management of their substance abuse problem. We are qualified to conduct DOT assessments when ordered by a court or a government body. We may additionally offer the required documents after the examination to speed up the license restoration procedure for those who pass.

Agencies that require these evaluations

Department of Transportation assessments is targeted mainly at drivers and other employees operating under the Department of Transport in Pierce County, including the FAA, FMSCA, PHMSA, FTA, FRA, and USCG. These employees must abide by all the DOT regulations of drug and alcohol abuse, and DOT assessments are regularly done to make sure that they do not violate these regulations.

What is Evaluated

During the evaluation, which typically takes 60-90 minutes, you will have an interview with a professional trained on Substance abuse treatment. Close friends or family can collect the results if you so desire. This evaluation gives staff a comprehensive perspective into your situation and reveals any unique concerns that must be addressed. These evaluations occur before new hiring or transfer into a safety-sensitive job.

Who is Evaluated?

Suppose you are an employer in the aviation, trucking, railroad, mass transit, pipeline, or maritime industries or have employees who perform DOT-identified safety-sensitive positions. In that case, you must implement whichever regulations apply.

An SAP represents the primary decision point, and in some cases, the only decision-maker for an employer may have in choosing whether to place an employee behind the steering wheel of a school bus, at the helm of an oil tanker, in the cockpit of a plane or at the throttle of a train, in an engineering compartment of a subway car, or the emergency control valves of a natural gas pipeline.

What the function of the SAP is

A substance Abuse Professional will offer confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral services, and treatment monitoring to individuals who have problems that could adversely affect the individual’s abilities to safely and competently perform their work duties. As an SAP, you are an advocate for neither the employer nor the employee. Their function is to protect the public interest in safety by professionally evaluating the employee and recommending appropriate education and treatment, follow-up tests, and aftercare.

Are You in Need of Qualified Substance Abuse Assessments or Programs in Pierce County, WA?

Having a valid driver’s license and gainful employment are two vital stepping stones on the path back to life after addiction. You need SAP/DOT assessments to get there, opening the door back to normalcy and stability in your everyday life.Apple Valley Counselling Services, LLC is more than qualified to provide these assessments and will make sure they are performed on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Substance Abuse Professionals

At Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC, we are here to ensure you comply with DOT regulations concerning drug abuse in safety-risk jobs. Call us today at 509-452-1000to inquire about DOT/SAP assessments or schedule an appointment with a substance abuse counseling staff member for individual or group therapy.

Do you offer counseling services?

Yes, we do! If you need Substance Abuse Counseling in Pierce County, WA, our trained professionals are here for you. We offer personal and affordable counseling services. We specialize in assisting men, women, and teenagers battling substance use disorder. Our immersive therapy will help you get to the root of the problem, mitigate the potential of relapses, and help pave the way for a better, bright future.

Can you provide me with documentation for my job?

Yes, we do! We are approved by the Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services, and Division of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder. After passing our Substance abuse Assessment, we will provide you with the required documentation to help you get back to work.