Why Men Are Less Likely To Report Being Victims of Physical Abuse

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Are you curious why men are less likely to report being victims of physical abuse? The reality is that a lot of men suffer in silence and, therefore, they fail to report being abused. But why? There are reasons for this and also ways for men that have been abused to seek help. Continue reading to find out the reasoning behind this, warning signs to watch out for, and ways to give support.

Why Men Fail To Report Abuse

One out of ten men in the U.S. has experienced some form of abuse, whether it is physical or sexual, in their lifetime. According to the CDC, approximately 5,356,000 men have been victims of physical violence by their partners.

Why don’t men report domestic abuse? There are several reasons.

Most men have stated that seeking out help has been associated with a negative emotional impact. Seeking some type of help has often led to being victimized, which could cause them more anguish.

A lot of men have also been silenced by social stigma. Denial, shame, fear, and embarrassment are just several obstacles that have been brought up. Consequently, most don’t think the abuse they have suffered is serious and minimize it to avoid being shamed. This often leads to men denying or covering up the abuse.

Warning Signs of Abuse in Men

Are men less likely to report domestic abuse? The answer is yes. Sometimes, the only way to know, without them telling, is by paying attention to the warning signs, including:

  • Changes in demeanor or behavior
  • Changes in clothing and appearance
  • Changes in behavior at work
  • Changes in contact patterns
  • May seem scared of pleasing their partner
  • Go along with everything their partner does or says
  • Mentions their partner’s jealousy, temper, or possessiveness
  • Has very low self-esteem
  • Looking unwell
  • May be anxious, depressed, or suicidal

Seeking Support

Is spousal abuse victim reporting less in men? It certainly is. Now that you are familiar with the warning signs to watch out for, here are some ways to seek support.

Support from family and friends is important. If you are a friend of an abused man, your support means everything. If you are a man who is being abused, it is important that you lean on your loved ones during this time. Support groups, therapy, and counseling for domestic abuse survivors are helpful. Therapy can help you move forward and away from a toxic relationship.

It is normal to feel a lot of uncertainty or numbness during this time. You may also feel unable to trust others. It can take some time to fully heal after leaving an abusive relationship, but it is possible.

Once you are ready to move into a new relationship, take things slowly, and don’t be eager to move things along too fast. Watch out for red flags in a new partner’s behavior. And most importantly, learn some ways to build new, healthy relationships.

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