When the Game is Over – Domestic Abuse and Football Season

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Does football season cause higher rates of domestic abuse? The answer is yes, and the data speaks volumes. It is also an issue that has long been kept quiet, overlooked, or simply swept under the rug. Today, there is more attention on the topic of when the game is over — domestic abuse and football season.

Unfortunately, we are nowhere close to where we need to be, and the problem of domestic abuse during football season isn’t going away. Domestic abuse is a horrible crime; worse yet, there may be signs of this being a programmed response.

Yes, this is shocking. Yes, these are almost incredulous suggestions, but no, domestic abuse under any set of circumstances is not tolerable or okay. And it is against the law.

Domestic abuse during football season 

According to statistics, sports gambling and abuse are no strangers to being bedfellows, especially during football season. Based on one study from the Quarterly Journal of Economics, there was a 10% spike in domestic abuse reports during approximately the first hour following a loss of local NFL teams. 

That study covered several states with similar results across the board. Domestic abuse during football season isn’t a new problem either, as that study data is roughly a decade old, revealing this issue has been around for a while.

The problem isn’t only a US problem or an issue isolated to North America. The issue of domestic abuse during football season in places like Europe is also equally prevalent. One 2014 report from the UK revealed a 38% increase in domestic abuse reports when the national soccer team lost.

That same report shared statistics from a 2017 study in Canada. There, the domestic violence hotline regularly received a 15% increase in call volume during local soccer events. From sports gambling and abuse to the rise in domestic abuse during football season, the problem can’t be hidden any longer.

Getting Help

Welcome to Apple Valley Counseling Services, LLC. We are a locally owned rehabilitation center that offers Yakima residents and those in surrounding areas safe, personal, and affordable counseling for those dealing with substance abuse and domestic violence.  

If you are dealing with domestic abuse during the football season, you are not alone. Please feel free to give us a call, as our line is available 24 hours a day, or stop by our facility. We look forward to helping you!

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