The Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

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Being in a relationship is something that many people aspire to. For others, dealing with an abusive relationship can be a reality. Realizing that you are in an abusive relationship can be difficult. Taking the time to spot these signs early may help you get out of the relationship and may help save your life.

How To Know if My Partner Is Abusive

It may be hard to tell if your partner is abusive simply by looking at them or talking with them. Often, their actions speak louder than their words and can help you tell if you are in an abusive relationship and if you need to get out. One of the hallmarks of an abusive relationship is possessiveness. This may come off as cute and attractive at first, but if you are dealing with someone that calls you theirs or that refuses to let you hang out with certain people, it could be a red flag.

Another sign you may be in an abusive relationship is that they do not respect your boundaries. This means they don’t care about your boundaries like not calling after a certain time, not calling you or bothering you while you are with friends and family, and so on. If you are dealing with someone that repeatedly disrespects your boundaries, they are likely on the road to being abusive.

Overly controlling behavior is yet another sign. This means that they are telling you how to act, how to talk, who to talk to, who to interact with, and so on. An abusive partner wants to be in control of every part of your life and they are going to want to be in control of you.

Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship

When you are looking for early signs of abuse, pay attention to controlling behavior, not respecting the boundaries that you have set, not wanting to let you have your own opinions and so on. You may also notice that they keep secrets from you, they may not tell you things about them, and they will keep things to themselves and not really open up to you.

Another sign that they might be abusive is that they are gaslighting you. This means that they will work to brainwash you and make you question your own sanity and your own thoughts and mind. This is something that is very common and that is also very hard to deal with.

Abuse does not always start with physical aggression; it almost always starts off small and unassuming and then turns into physical and mental abuse that can truly c make it hard to keep on living. These are just a few signs you’re in an abusive relationship. 

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