Work-Life Balance for People in Recovery

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Finding a great work-life balance can be difficult for those not working through recovery; for those dealing with recovery, it can be even harder. It can be so hard to find the balance that not only works for you but also helps you to stay on the road to recovery and prevents relapse. Here are some tips to help find that balance.

How to Balance Work and Recovery

When dealing with recovery, there are so many factors that many people simply do not take into account. It is so much more than just stopping doing drugs or stopping drinking. You need to fully reprogram your life in order to live without those things that you were addicted to and find that balance for your life after.

The first thing to note when trying to find that work-life balance in addiction recovery is to remember that everyone is human. Trying to achieve perfection right from the start can set you up for failure or relapse, making it hard to find that balance.

The first thing you need to do is to set goals that are attainable and that you can maintain while in recovery. This means doing things like setting small goals for work. You want to be able to work a certain amount of hours a day, for instance, or you want to get a certain amount of work done and so on. This attainability will make it easier to reach those goals and see that you are succeeding, even when you feel like you might not be.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are going to have far more success if you have a workplace where your recovery is supported. This means that you may need to make it known that you are in recovery so that those working with you can adjust their behavior to reflect their support for you. Above all else, it is so important to remember that you can take those small steps and make a huge difference in your life.  

Recovery Support in the Workplace

One of the best things that you can do is find a workplace that supports your recovery and that wants you to succeed. This means finding a workplace where you can talk about your recovery and where the people you work with will help you stay on track and avoid talk and actions that might cause a relapse.

Finding a friend or coworker that knows what it is like or that is sympathetic to what you are trying to do can truly help you to recover and can also help you to recover and to do better in your life.

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