Prescription Drug Abuse and Its Consequences

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Prescription drugs are often necessary to combat the pain from surgical procedures, accidents, back problems, and certain diseases. However, patients should use caution when taking them because of the current epidemic. More than 9.3 million Americans abuse opioids each year, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics

Can You Get Addicted To Prescription Drugs?

The short answer to the above question is yes. An individual can become addicted to prescription drugs quickly. Doctors and governmental entities have drastically cut down on prescription drug releases over the past few years. However, some products are still capable of hooking certain people within the first few treatments. 

Which Prescription Drugs Are the Most Addicting?

Opioids are the most addicting of prescription drugs, and they cause the most cases of abuse. They include medications like Percocet, hydrocodone, codeine, and the like. 

Benzodiazepines, stimulants, and sedatives are pretty high in the number of cases as well. They’re used for a wide variety of conditions, such as pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Together these drugs cause 16.3 million cases of abuse each year. 

Prescription drugs are very useful in managing pain and dismay. However, every person who receives them must be cautious when taking them to prevent addiction and abuse. 

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Tips

These are some tips you can use to lower your chances of becoming addicted to your prescription pills:

Use Only As Directed

The most effective way to prevent drug addiction is to use your prescriptions only as directed. In other words, only take one pill every eight hours if that’s what the doctor and the label say. Never double a dose or take it sooner than instructed. 

Do Not Use for Alternative Purposes

Some prescription medications tend to relieve emotional and psychological pain as well as physical pain. It’s never a wise idea to use them for those purposes, because you can become addicted to them that way. If you take them for surgical pain relief, use them until the pain goes away and stop. Deal with emotional and psychological disturbances another way. 

Stop Using Them When You Feel Better

Cease taking your pain medication when the pain resolves, even if you have pills leftover. This strategy will prevent your body from becoming dependent on them. 

Return Unused Drugs

Return any unused prescription drugs to your local pharmacy. Some sites now provide return containers where patients can place their unused medicines to return to the facility. 

The Detrimental Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug abuse and addiction have many detrimental effects. They can ruin your health, personal relationships, job endeavors, school grades, finances, and more. The threat to your health is the most devastating effect of them all. Many people have suffered untimely deaths from substance abuse, and you won’t want to be one of those statistics.

Use the tips mentioned above and be careful if you receive a prescription for painkillers, stimulants, or another type of addictive drug. There are responsible ways of taking your medication to decrease dependency while you heal effectively. 

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