10 Myths About Domestic Violence

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There are always difficulties in relationships, some of which can lead to domestic violence. Domestic abuse is more common than people think, and about 10 million men and women become victims of domestic violence every year.

Are there myths about domestic violence? Unfortunately, yes, there is a lot of misinformation about domestic violence. Keep reading to learn more about these misconceptions and real facts:

Myth 1: Domestic violence happens only in low-income families

Fact: It can happen in any family, rich and poor, urban and rural, regardless of a family’s income level. 

Myth 2: Domestic violence is always physical

Fact: Domestic abuse can have many forms. It can include intimidation, financial control, psychological and emotional abuse, isolation, coercion, and physical abuse. 

Myth 3: All abusers grew up in violent families

Fact: Growing up in a violent family is definitely a risk factor, and many people from abusive families become abusers in their own relationships. However, the truth is that only 30% of male abuse witnesses choose to become abusers later in their lives. 

Myth 4: Abusers have mental disorders

Fact: Most abusers are not mentally ill. Research shows that the vast majority of them are absolutely normal people without any symptoms of mental problems. 

Myth 5: Drugs and alcohol make people abusive

Fact: There are many abusers who never drink or do drugs, as well as there are many alcoholics and drug users who never lay a finger on their partners. 

Myth 6: Children almost never become victims of domestic violence. 

Fact: Statistics show that people who abuse their partners and spouses are more likely to abuse children as well. Domestic violence is one of the main predictors of child abuse.

Myth 7: Some people like being abused

Fact: No one likes or enjoys being abused. Most people experiencing domestic violence live in fear and terror and do not have enough courage to tell anyone. 

Myth 8: Most times, domestic violence is something minor and not serious

Fact: Regardless of the form and level of domestic violence, it should always be taken seriously. You should never ignore domestic violence — whether it is happening to you or someone else you know. If domestic violence is left unchallenged, it will worsen as time goes by. 

Myth 9: It is easy for a victim to stop domestic violence

Fact: Unfortunately, many victims find it hard to get out and seek help. Some of them are threatened by their abusers or live in fear of the unknown. Some victims also depend on their abusive partners financially. Therefore, often, abusive relationships can last for a long time. 

Myth 10: Domestic violence affects only women

Fact: There are many male victims of domestic violence. According to a recent survey, 1 out of every 14 men in the United States is a victim of domestic abuse. 

Domestic violence is an extremely traumatizing experience and can have a considerable impact on your life. If you are a victim of domestic abuse by your partner, spouse, or other family member, you may need professional help. If you are a resident of Yakima, WA, or any other nearby community, you should contact Apple Valley Counselling Services, LLC. Our team consists of trained therapists who will help you recover from the abuse you have experienced. If you want to know more about the counseling services we offer, feel free to reach out to us. 



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