Meeting the Challenges of Sobriety in the Summer

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With summer rapidly approaching, you might be wondering how to handle your sobriety. This is especially difficult if it’s your first year sober—it can seem difficult to enjoy barbecues, beach days and poolside gatherings when you’re struggling with recovery. You might even try to avoid them altogether. However, with good addiction recovery counseling in Yakima, WA and the tips below, you’ll be able to enjoy all your regular activities. Many recovering addicts report that they don’t miss the numbing effects of alcohol and other substances at all.

Tips for staying sober in the summertime

Here are some of our most helpful suggestions to help you maintain your sobriety during the summer:

  • Maintain your support network: When you’re new to sobriety, it can be tempting to hide away from your former activities and friends completely. Some folks assume that they can avoid temptation by simply not being around other people. However, that’s a good way to let boredom and loneliness nudge you back to your old crutches. It’s important to keep in touch with your sobriety support network, including supportive friends and family members, counselors and other helpful people. Be honest about your struggles, but don’t be ashamed—you’re taking big steps toward a happier, healthier life.
  • Have a plan: When you do go out, make sure you have a sobriety plan. It’s smart to plan your own transportation, and know what you’ll say if someone offers you an alcoholic beverage. Some people like to bring along a sober friend to help reduce social pressure and the feeling of being put on the spot.
  • Bring your own drinks: When you’re going to a barbecue, pool or beach day, bring your own drinks. There are many canned alcohol-free “mocktails” available today, but sparkling water, juices and sodas are other good ways to feel festive. Plus, when you have your own drinks, you’re less likely to be offered alcoholic beverages from unwitting people.
  • Become a morning person: Many former addicts report that one of the most unlikely benefits of sobriety is that they’ve become morning people. When you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, morning hangovers, blackouts and shame from the night before are all too common. Without substances clouding your mornings, you can enjoy everything from the sunshine and the birds singing to that perfect cup of coffee.
  • Do the activities you’ve always wanted to do: Sobriety is the perfect time to start checking items off your bucket list—after all, you’ll have a lot more free time (and money) on your hands. If you’ve always wanted to take a painting class, learn to skateboard or get into shape, now is the perfect time to do so.
  • Be kind to yourself: Finally, make sure you’re kind to yourself. Sobriety can be a struggle at times—if it were easy, no one would ever get addicted to substances. Remember to be as loving to yourself as you would to a friend going through the same thing. Advocate for your needs, and don’t beat yourself up if you experience setbacks.

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