How Can I Help a Friend or Loved One Who Has a Problem with Drugs or Alcohol?

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If a friend or loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, you may want to help, but have no idea what you can do. Addiction recovery counseling in Yakima, WA has revealed several action steps that are helpful. Try taking these steps to provide support to someone who has a problem with substance abuse.

Start with education

The first thing you can do is educate yourself about addiction and the resources available, such as addiction recovery counseling in Yakima, WA. Learn about the symptoms of drug abuse and how addiction affects people. This will help you identify signs of substance abuse in your loved one and help you better understand what they are going through and how to help them.

Follow up with support

Often, people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t realize or understand the care and concern their family and friends have for them. Your loved one might not realize how much you love them and may not believe you can or will support them. Let them know about your feelings and concerns and that you are with them to support them on a recovery journey.

Point them to resources

Encourage your loved one to get help. This may be met with resistance, so you’ll need to be persistent. However, it’s important to avoid shaming them or making them feel guilty. You may consider holding an intervention for your loved one. Let them know addiction recovery counseling is available in Yakima, WA. You may need to help them understand what addiction recovery counseling is, and how it can help them.

Don’t forget self-care

As you make efforts to support and care for your loved one who is struggling with addiction, it can be easy to neglect your own care. Meeting your own needs is not selfish. Be sure to eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. This will keep you healthy and allow you to better support your loved one, too. Keep in mind that you may also benefit from addiction recovery counseling in Yakima, WA, as your loved one’s addiction affects your life as well.

Avoid common mistakes

Addiction is a complex issue, and it’s easy to slip into common responses that are not helpful to your loved one. Avoid lecturing or threatening your loved one. Don’t lie or make excuses for their behavior, and don’t enable their behavior by covering it up or funding it. Don’t use emotional appeals that rely on feelings of guilt. Avoid arguing with them while they are under the effects of drugs, since they can’t have a rational conversation at these times. Lastly, remember, it’s not your fault, so don’t take on guilt or responsibility for their behavior.

We’re here to help

Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC is a locally owned rehabilitation center that offers safe, personal and affordable addiction recovery counseling in Yakima, WA for those dealing with substance abuse. We provide men, women and teenagers of all ages the resources they need to overcome and move past drug and alcohol dependency. Contact us for help 24/7 at 509-452-1000.

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