How to Avoid Stir-Craziness During Quarantine

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A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still going stir-crazy during self-quarantine in Yakima, WA. Even if you understand why it’s important to socially distance and stay home, there’s no denying that it’s frustrating, depressing and boring. Without our normal routines and coping mechanisms, it’s easy to feel anxious and depressed. Despite the promise of a vaccine, it’s likely most of us will be quarantining for another three to four months. Here are a few suggestions for coping during this time:

  • Remind yourself about the light at the end of the tunnel: It’s hard to cope with another few months of quarantine after spending an entire year stuck at home. However, you can set mini goals for yourself. Celebrate each week (or even each day) that gets you closer to a vaccination and freedom by choosing a mini reward, like a movie rental or other small indulgence.
  • Finish up all those projects you meant to do: With only a few months of quarantine left, now is a good time to finish up any of those remaining projects you keep meaning to complete. After all, you’ll want to get out and enjoy life—and other people—when quarantine ends.
  • Reach out to friends and family: Even if you have Zoom fatigue, it’s still important to maintain your social network. Your friends and family still want to hear from you, and support you if you’re struggling. See if you can set up a regular time to chat on the phone, stream a movie “together” or find other ways to keep in touch.
  • Keep a quarantine journal: Imagine trying to explain this time to someone born today. As unhappy and restrictive as it is, it’s very likely that you’ll forget many of the details years from now. Keeping a quarantine journal can be an interesting “historical artifact,” even if you’re the only person who reads it. If nothing else, you can flip through it in the future and remain grateful that this, too, has passed.
  • Try to maintain structure: Keeping a routine is one of the most important ways to cope during COVID-19. Since our normal social and work structures have been upended, creating your own can give you a sense of control over your life.
  • Seek out safe, socially distanced activities: Although the weather is often less than ideal during the Washington winter, there are still plenty of safe activities you can do alone or with your household. Walks around your neighborhood, exercising in your backyard or easy winter hikes are all good ways to take advantage of the outdoors. If outdoor dining is open in your area and you’re comfortable, consider treating yourself to a meal (under a heat lamp, of course) that you didn’t have to cook yourself.

Quarantine can be boring and stressful, but you can keep from going stir-crazy by following these tips in Yakima, WA. For help managing COVID-19-related depression and anxiety, call Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC today. We look forward to helping you.

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