How to Manage Your Anger

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On television and in movies, people who commit acts of domestic violence are often depicted as unrepentant monsters. Those who are the victim of domestic violence may likewise be viewed as weak willed. Those people who have ever found themselves on either end of an abusive relationship understand that real life is far more complicated than that. Often, those who commit domestic violence are guilt-ridden and distraught, and their victims are looking for some means of support.

For both parties, there is domestic violence counseling in Yakima, WA. Even though an ongoing regimen of counseling can be critical to maintaining your positive mental health, controlling the events that lead to domestic violence means learning to spot and stymie the anger that inevitably leads to heartache or worse.

Step back

There is inevitably a transition period between your serenity and an explosion of violent anger. When you feel your irritation rising, stop the conversation and take a step back. Write down how you feel while you’re angry, and then wait until you calm down.

Take some time out

Before you revisit an issue, try taking some time to do something relaxing. Go for a walk. Play with a family pet. Put a pause on your current problem, and try to redirect your thoughts into something that won’t lead to violence of any kind. When you’re upset, one excellent solution for calming down is exercise. Any kind of vigorous physical exercise floods your brain with endorphins and allows you to get out some of the physical energy that can add to your anger.

Communicate clearly

Once you’ve taken some time to calm down, reread your thoughts from earlier. In many cases, what seemed crucial a few hours ago will likely seem insignificant or petty when you revisit it. If that’s not the case and you’re still concerned, communicate your thoughts clearly, without using expletives or insults to translate your anger.

Don’t rush

If discussing the problem with your partner only causes feelings of anger to return, it might be worth addressing the issue with domestic violence counseling in Yakima, WA. Having a professional mediate any disputes in a safe and serene environment can serve as a way to walk through your issues and arrive at an amicable solution.

Let it go

Here comes the most challenging part: when you’ve arrived at an agreement with your partner, you have to accept the solution and then let your anger go. Practice relaxation strategies like meditation and breathing exercises. Remember that a one-off argument isn’t worth resorting to violence.

Ongoing support

If your family requires domestic violence counseling in Yakima, WA, put your trust in Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC. For 16 years, we have helped families, men, women and teenagers recover from the devastating effects of substance abuse and domestic violence. We can provide a number of critical services, from counseling sessions to DOT assessments and everything in between.

If you need a helping hand, Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC is here for you. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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