What Are the Warning Signs of a Relapse, and How Can You Avoid One?

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Anyone who’s ever struggled with addiction understands that staying sober is a never-ending battle. The urge to engage in substance abuse may get easier to manage over time, but it may never truly fade away. That’s why it is critical to keep an eye out for the warning signs of a relapse. If you exhibit any of the following symptoms or behaviors, you may benefit from additional substance abuse counseling in Yakima, WA.

Feelings of loneliness

As you take your first steps in recovery, it’s important to stay active and connected to the world around you. If you feel as though you are isolated, bored, depressed or lonely, make sure you don’t hesitate to reach out for some support.

Your habits are slipping

One critical component of sober living is establishing a healthy routine. That means eating quality food three times a day, exercising at least three (but preferably more) times a week and getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you notice that you are eating, exercising or sleeping less or more than is good for you, it’s time to step back and take stock.

You’re skipping recovery meetings

Substance abuse counseling in Yakima, WA is essential when you want to fight back against the impulses that lead to addiction. Not only is it vital that you talk to professionals, but you should also make efforts to really communicate with your peers. If you’ve stopped going to meetings or ceased speaking out, you could be at risk for relapse.

You’re bargaining with yourself

The urge to use substances may come back from time to time. If you’re beginning to feel those compulsions and you find yourself thinking, “Maybe just a little…”, that’s only natural. It is important to realize that bargaining is a warning sign that you’re trying to think your way into a relapse.

Avoid a relapse

If you are concerned that your life is heading toward a relapse, there are some steps you can take to avoid it:

  • Stop hanging out with people who engage in substance abuse and/or who have no interest in your sobriety.
  • Avoid the locations where you engaged in substance use.
  • Regularly attend counseling sessions and be sure to engage with professionals.
  • Work out a plan with your therapist to avoid a relapse if you feel these emotions creeping up.

The underlying rule in these circumstances is to remember that you are not alone, even if you may feel that way. If you are experiencing concerns of a relapse, make sure you reach out.

Get the help you need

If you need substance abuse counseling in Yakima, WA, come to Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC. For over a decade, our locally owned and operated rehabilitation center has provided safe, personalized care for men, women and teenagers. Regardless of the type of counseling you require, you can count on the courteous professionals at Apple Valley Counseling Services LLC. It’s never too late to get the help you need. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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